Loans with no upfront costs are only intended for employed workers

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that credit providers charge upfront costs for services that have not been provided at all. Those who fall for such dubious offers usually don’t see their money again. Fortunately, most providers work correctly and arrange loans at no upfront cost.

Financial service providers and who uses them

Financial service providers and who uses them

Anyone looking for a loan either uses the offers from their house bank or turns to an online bank. To save yourself the hassle, there are comparison options on the Internet. The Internet user receives the best offers at a glance and can submit a loan application directly to the relevant bank online. Reputable providers do not charge any upfront costs. However, if there are difficulties with creditworthiness, many use the offers of financial intermediaries.

These are not banks, but companies that have set themselves the task of brokering loans without any upfront costs in difficult cases. Anyone who has negative characteristics at Credit bureau in Germany usually gets a rejection when they request a loan. That is why some have to switch to intermediaries. This is exactly where the problems can arise, because, as mentioned at the beginning, there are black sheep that require additional costs. It can only be high, stay away from these offers.

Swiss loans with no upfront costs are considered

Swiss credit

In particularly difficult cases, only Swiss loans with no upfront costs are considered. They are free of Credit bureau, an inquiry is free and the loans are also arranged by financial service providers. If you have a permanent job, you get the last opportunity for a loan here. Swiss banks neither query Credit bureau nor report a loan to it. In Germany, nobody learns about this borrowing.

All formalities are completed online and by post. A personal visit to Switzerland is not planned and is not necessarily requested. Finally, there are brokers for Swiss loans. Freelancers, the self-employed and the unemployed do not need to ask here, these loans are only intended for employed workers.